What is REIN?

REIN is the Renewable Energy Information Network, the first website developed in Bangladesh to promote renewable energy in Bangladesh. The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) has been hosting the website since 2000 with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This website was part of the Sustainable Rural Energy Project (SRE). The objective of the SRE project was to bring sustainable energy to the rural population of Bangladesh through a process of demonstration of a reasonable number of renewable energy technologies and in the process empower the rural poor, to the extent possible, towards sustainable livelihoods.

REIN has successfully worked as an information hub of renewable energy sector in Bangladesh. Recently German Technical Cooperation GTZ came forward to upgrade the website.

Role of Local Government Engineering Department in cultivating sustainable energy in Bangladesh

Over the years, LGED has been actively involved in small but effective initiatives to address Renewable Technologies appropriately designed based on available natural response at specific locations.

RETs do have an important role to play towards Energy Security especially for peoples leaving in remote and off-grid areas. Perhaps   the time is appropriate for an NATIONAL ENERGY POLICY  of the Govt. Of Bangladesh clearly indicating  other role of RET’s, the expected generation & dissemination by RET’s in the short and long run and the policy guidelines in achieving the same.

There policy guidelines will help potential investors to comprehend the possible business opportunities and the potential that could be generated in the future and at the same time all stakeholders would have clear guidelines with regard to the role of RET in the present and the future.

LGED realizes the important of RET towards SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and wishes to share knowledge and experience as gained from time to time.

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