The effects of climate change are much more felt at this point. This is why it is vital to invest in infrastructure for renewable energy sources.

One of the best sources of energy is wind power. The BBC reports that wind is created by the giant convection currents in our atmosphere which is produced due to the heat that is released by the sun. Wind is clean energy as opposed to coal and gas which are unsustainable energy sources and have harmful effects to the environment.

A typical car running on gasoline releases at least 20 pounds of carbon dioxide per one gallon of gas. This means that it can actually emit about six tons of carbon per year. Now, what if a car needs exhaust repair in Phoenix? How much more carbon dioxide it emits, right?

This example underlies the need to look for renewable energy sources such as wind power. Here are the reasons why this energy source is sustainable and earth-friendly:

1. Wind energy is naturally replenished.

As long as the sun is shining, there will always be wind energy that can be generated. This means that this type of energy is renewable and clean.

2. Wind energy is eco-friendly.

This type of energy does not release greenhouse gases and does not pollute the land, water and air. This is why this is referred to as green energy. With wind energy also comes the reduction of overdependence on oil and coal and even fossil fuels.

3. Wind energy is cheap.

While the installation itself of wind turbines may be expensive in itself, this is nothing compared to the costs required in drilling for oil and gas and fossil fuels. At the same time, the cost for the construction of these wind turbines are also offset by the very low operational costs. There is virtually zero to minimal maintenance required in the maintenance of wind turbines.

4. Wind energy does not take up much space.

You do not need a lot of land to build a facility of wind turbines. A large turbine can in fact already provide for the needs of 600 homes. Turbines can even be built on land that can serve various purposes. For example, a turbine can be built on a farm land or an agricultural land and it will not affect the land. Some countries even offer tax breaks on the installation of wind turbines and other renewable energy sources which are definitely helpful.

5. Wind energy can help local economies.

With the installation of wind turbines in rural areas, the cost of electricity is lowered and people tend to benefit as businesses boom, more economic opportunities open up, among others. Some countries with individual citizens or cooperatives owning wind turbines even allow them to sell their excess electricity to private companies, adding to their income. Also, the presence of wind turbines can create more jobs for community members. In fact, research shows that wind energy may bring 66 percent more jobs compared to unsustainable power sources.